What happens when local residents cannot go to the doctor when they are sick?

National studies show that the community feels the pain. Access to quality healthcare has been a defining component of communities nationwide, separating the struggling from the successful.

At Create CommUNITY, we recognize the impact that the large number of underinsured and underserved individuals has on our community’s financial and social health.

A group of local business, government and nonprofit leaders have been focusing on improving access to healthcare in this community by enhancing communication, about systems change and attitudes about health and healthcare access.

Our Goal

Address issues in the Health Care sector that affect communities of color and develop strategies to increase health care access.

Taking Action

Create CommUNITY is dedicated to providing people of color better access to the community’s strong healthcare system and has outlined some key objectives and metrics to achieve results.

Awareness through anti-racism training for St. Cloud healthcare leaders and work with local providers to incorporate the training into their workplaces

  • Building social capital as a strategy to eliminate health disparities using intentional social interaction with the health care community in St. Cloud
  • Collaboration with Healthcare communitites to promote Community Health with local providers to incorporate the training into their workplaces