The Education Summit, held on September 25, 2010 at the Atonement Lutheran Church in St. Cloud, Minnesota, was an amazing feat to organize but so worth the effort.  It was exciting to watch the day unfold.


More than two hundred participants including parents were very excited to learn about educational concerns and have the opportunity to talk directly to the District 742 school board candidates about issues that their children were facing in the school district.   Community organizations supported the event by donating door prizes and over 1,000 books were given to parents and children.

From the Welcome address and the Keynote address in the morning to the World Café at the end…all created a “buzz” in the air with the participants and the presenters deeply engaged in unique and creative ways.  We were our authentic selves, asking questions, listening intently to the responses and choosing best practices to engage with our local school district; work in our homes with our children and for the community as a whole.  This was a bold step forward towards making the St. Cloud school district one of the top districts in the country.