October 12, 2010

“Challenging Racism in Our Lives and Communities”

Keynote Speaker– Dr. Heather W. Hackman spoke on “Challenging Racism and White Privilege In Our community”

Hackman Handout

Featured skit by High Impact with Michael Agnew, Artistic Director for GTC Dramatic Dialogues, and five volunteer community members – Eunice Adjei, Daryl Burch, Stewart Tighe; Azania and Hedy Tripp.

Over 300 people gathered for the 5th Annual Conversation on Race.  This event brought together a very diverse cross section of the community to discuss the concept of white privilege and how it affects the connectedness of our communities.  A skit portrayed how some of the unrecognized assumptions we often make based on skin color could play out in a retail shopping scenario.  Participants then had an in-depth discussion at their tables about how this impacts our community