Create CommUNITY is striving to make St. Cloud a better community with a broad vision, mission, and set of values to dismantle racism.

Create CommUNITY Vision – “To provide a welcoming, non-discriminatry environment with respect and opportunity for all”

Create CommUNITY Mission – “Dismantling Racism through systemic change”

Create CommUNITY Values –

  1. Acknowledge the history of racism
  2. Understand “White Privilege”
  3. Break down racial barriers
  4. Be accountable to communities of color
  5. Empower people of color
  6. Racial equity for all
  7. Eliminate racial socialization
  8. Recognize that our community is fracturing into smaller, diverse communities

Create CommUNITY’s strategy is to close the racial disparity gaps in Educational Attainment, Access to Housing, and Access to Healthcare.

Create CommUNITY focuses on the St. Cloud community, geographically defined as the St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids/Rice, Sartell/St. Stephen, and the Rocori school districts.

Strategic Priorities: 2011-2012

  1. Develop diverse partnerships to share credibility, social capital and social risk
  2. Gain commitment around participation in the initiative
  3. Identify focus, metrics and goals to measure progress in closing gaps in the focus areas
  4. Continue to build awareness and understanding in the community