Since 2003, Create CommUNITY has been a driving force toward creating a more welcoming, non-discriminatory environment for everyone in the St. Cloud-area community. Today, the organization is focused on taking strategic, measurable steps to dismantling racism through systemic change. It has identified three focus areas, key objectives and metrics to measure progress.

Focus Areas

  • Educational Attainment

  • Access to Housing

  • Access to Health care


A comprehensive community analysis conducted by Upfront Consulting, St. Cloud, identified these racial disparity gaps facing Central Minnesota.

  • Students of colors are falling behind in math and reading achievement.
    Students of color are less likely to graduate from high school and pursue higher education.

  • More people of color are underinsured and underserved in the health care system than
    White individuals.

  • Home ownership rates seriously low among people of color with 97% percent of the area’s
    homes owned by Whites.

  • People of color continue to face discrimination when trying to secure housing.


Goals: The Three-Year Business Plan

Create CommUNITY completed a three~year strategic plan by Clear Path LLC, to respond to gaps identified through the community analysis. Create CommUNITY is working to fundraise $2.1 million over three years to build awareness and close the racial disparity gaps in educational attainment, access to housing, and access to healthcare. Here’s a look at how those dollars are expected to drive change:

  • Awareness Building: $719,000 to support professional training, community education, and increased marketing.

  • Access to Health Care: $468,000 to implement, validate, and expand the local Community Health Worker Program.

  • Access to Housing: $301,000 to educate the industry about housing discrimination, push for government policy changes, and create a testing system to monitor progress.
    Educational Attainment: $116,000 to support projects that help improve academic performance for students of color.

  • Community Grants: $225,000 for additional grants that improve educational attainment, access to housing, and access to health care.

  • Operations: $298,000 to help coordinate the efforts and measure results.