What is Create CommUNITY?

Originally known as the Mayor's Racial Harmony Team, this community movement started through the office of the Mayor in St. Cloud. It has grown to become a leadership team that includes other cities and counties, a broad base of area businesses and organizations, and many interested individuals.

Create CommUNITY began to address racial and other human rights issues in central Minnesota. Consultants like Effective Communities, LLC in 2006, worked through the meanings of systemic change. Research conducted in 2007 by Upfront Consulting helped further define the focus areas, establish indicators and identify gaps between the majority community and communities of color. The focus areas are: educational attainment, health care access, access to housing and the functional area is awareness building. Clear Path, LLC and MCARI (Minnesota Collaborative Anti-Racism Initiative) helped format the Business Plan in 2008 with a new mission and strong values. Each year, Create CommUNITY presents it's Annual Conversation on Race in October."

The Create CommUNITY Fund is held at the Central Minnesota Community Foundation.